Available for corporate and educational speaking engagements

                                  - The power of story and how it can change the world

                                  - The Trevor Project

                                  - LGBTQ Youth


Contact: David Williams at 310-595-6268


"James brought incredible energy, passion and inspiration to our event. He was able to go beyond motivating people to enabling them to create winning stories to inspire their customers. What an honor to have him with us." 
- CONDUCTOR, C3 annual marketing event

“James is a gifted teacher of storytelling.   After two days of working with him, I now have a clear and compelling story that I am proud to share externally to represent my company. I could have never crafted this story as successfully without his workshop and coaching.”

- Dawn Ressell, Experience Design Leader, Central Technology Development, Intuit

"What we writers easily forget is that the best, most compelling stories come from our own experiences, feelings and desires. James has a magical gift of opening our eyes and hearts to our personal stories - so that we may launch, create and tell literally everything from there."
 - Rez Mamari, Animator, RICHARD THE STORK

“James is not only a master story teller —his passion, sense of humor and technical expertise is infectious!  In just two days, I learned how to use story telling as a medium for coaching and inspiring others.  But perhaps more importantly, I discovered my own voice and stories I’ve yet to tell.” 

 - - Anne Riley, Director Experience Design, Enterprise Business Solutions, Intuit


TEDx Broadway: ** watch**

Last February I was invited by the organizers of TEDx Broadway, Damian Bazadona and Jim McCarthy, to give a talk. So thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful event where people share their wisdom. To be in the company of such outstanding and generous individuals, makes me grateful to be born a human. You can visit their site to check out other talks.  http://www.tedxbroadway.com/

" As I storyteller, I’ve learned to be alert to a moment when a story that’s been living quietly inside me is awakened by circumstances outside myself.  And I have no choice but to tell that story in the hopes that maybe, just maybe it will find its way out into the world and change those circumstances forever. "