NYC Pride Parade 2016

NYC Pride Parade 2016

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Trevor Project, I teamed up with The TMI PROJECT and we produced an evening at The Signature Theater in NYC. The event featured 10 storytellers who have survived suicide - five courageous individuals who used the Trevor Lifeline and five others who found their way using other means of support. They all came to NYC for a five-day storytelling workshop and then we presented their stories on stage with the gospel choir. It was awesome and inspiring and for those who were fortunate enough to be in the room, it was a life-changing experience. We also made a documentary film of the whole process, so now I’m figuring out how to get it edited and out into the world. These stories of survival are rarely heard. There's too much shame in the LGBT community around suicide and so people are reluctant to come forward and talk about it; and yet, just about everyone has faced this darkness at one time or another. The evening was a potent reminder of what we’re up against, but also a testament to our determination as LGBTQ people to be our fucking selves.

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